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Monday, June 4, 2012

Visit to the School Library after school.

Just a typical computer in the school library.

Now that AP European history projects are over for me, I have other things bugging my mind, like an impending extra credit AP Chem lab tomorrow and two make-up Spanish tests to do. Very exciting for the last few weeks of school; both Ubuntu and the final push to straight A's are swimming in my head right now.

While most people are still focused on finishing school as best as they can, I decided to pay the school library a visit afterschool after a good 2-mile makeup run.  Though I feel dazed, I'm still as energetic as ever.

I rarely come to the library afterschool, but the next few days are exceptions (I have 3 more absent days to clear.) And I'm quite startled to see that many kids in the school are actually reliant on the school computers. A few of my colleagues are here to prepare for European history presentations tomorrow. Others have compendiums to write, reminiscent of wiki pages.  Maybe some just come to collaborate with friends.  Honestly, I really liked seeing the people use the school computers for their convenience, as if it's better to get things done at school than at home.

Unbeknowest to many students, Firefox is open source.  So it already seems that open source plays an instrumental role in our every day lives.  Instead of skipping to conclusions and looking like a fanatic, I want my series to build on why open source is a powerful asset for an enhanced learning experience for all.

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