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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ubuntu App showdown 06/18 ~ 07/09

System76 Gazelle, a beauty!
Canonical just released the Ubuntu App Showdown, lasting from 6/18/12 - 07/09/12, in which both prospective and experienced developers can give a shot at making an Ubuntu application for the Ubuntu Software Center.  Many will enter, a few will win.

The prizes are really sweet.  The first and second place winners win System76 laptops - Ubuntu-preloaded - and a Nokia N9 phone. The third place will win the Nokia N9 phone.  A panel of judges will decide what passes and what doesn't. Everyone else who submitted an application will get an Ubuntu t-shirt!

To me, this is an exciting opportunity to give a shot at development.  After all, the greatest incentive is a free computer, or at least another Ubuntu shirt to add to my collection.  Since returning from UDS, I've only been contributing to Ubuntu on the Newsletter... and that's it.  So much for trying to get a LUG started, though I need to show the scars of experience before embarking on a leadership quest.  

If you're interested in snagging the prize, please check out this site.  It has all the details.

I'll be talking more about this in detail.  The next 3-weeks is all about coming up with a killer application.  :-)

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