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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ubuntu App Promotion Campaign!

Jono Bacon, the community manager of Canonical, has a task for the open-source minded.  Here's the source

Here's a little definition for you: upstream - source, like the source of a stream. 

Applications are critical to the success of any operating system.  And though Ubuntu Software center is the main place to download the applications, upstream websites are slightly ambiguous on how to download for the typical Ubuntu user.  I mean, who wants to encounter a package to download that looks daunting and - Windows wise - nonexecutable!

Jono's solution is this...

To "divide and conquer" with this image throughout the websites with Linux applications.  

He stresses that by pressing on this button, one will be directed to ratings and reviews, and installation of the app is possible with just a click!  Both Ubuntu and non-Ubuntu users can benefit, as telling other websites about putting up this button can garner greater publicity of Ubuntu throughout the Web.

It's never too late to help out. Here are some simple instructions.

  • Check out this page and read about what it's doing.
  • Choose an app with "Nobody" working on it.  If you think you'll be helping out, assign your name.  
  • Contact the mailing list, web maintainer or developer of the application, and tell about this project and that it is to facilitate the installation of the applications for the visitors.  
  • Once you succeeded, make sure you let the others know that you've completed the task. 

Let's help the project succeed!

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