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Monday, June 18, 2012

To do or not to do.

Let me reflect post-UDS in L.A.

I was daunted to meet great opposition of raising an idea about open source to the school, very expected from the lack of foundation I had.  Timing was key, and I missed it by a long shot.  Luckily, I made a few friends interested in making the experience worthwhile.  Now we are bent to start a Linux User Group in high school. My fist clenches with the greatest expectations but with the least chivalry.  Perhaps we must work from the ground up. 

I digress.  The feelings I spurred from this experience actually caught me off-guard.  Since when have I embarked on technical work? The aperture behind the corner, the Ubuntu community, is my target.  Meanwhile, I want to get a hang of Objective-C for iOS development as well as Java for Android development.  To just do it.  Yes, although it sounds plain, there is much more to trial and error than there is to revolving around the theory.

The gist, of course, is a savory treat, but the practice is the chocolate beneath the candy layers of the tootsie roll pop, so tasty and scrumptious. I yearn to become this master, but setting all quixotic ambitions aside, I face reality with open arms.  To contribute is to really do and make it a daily habit. 

This summer is my perfect chance to demonstrate this practice.  Studying for my future AP classes, taking care of family chores, and researching into the endless possibilities of mobile development, I give leeway to cast my eye on packaging for motu.  So here goes. 

Before I head on, I might as well read Inside Linux by Randolph Bentson.

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