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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making Jotty: 3/3 A reflection and analysis

For a first-timer at coding, I just passed my first test.  I gripped to my seat throughout the entire roller coaster ride, survived miraculously and lived to tell the tale.  I must, however, address the necessity to debug, because I've encountered a lot of errors in trying to "open" or "save," despite following the tutorial carefully.  

I'll have to address these errors to askubuntu at my spare time. This is indeed confusing matters to me.

Jotty: looks good on the outside, but what about the functionality?


Before I embarked on creating my very first app from scratch, I read books about programming languages, most of which were free.  I read them so thoroughly and slowly that my impatience was manifest when I saw the Ubuntu App Showdown appear last Monday.  I badly wanted to just do it, and get my hands dirty with raw concepts.

I consider before when I used to love playing games.  At one point of my experimentation, I played this MMORPG called Maplestory.  I know of fanatics who go crazy about contests or in-game events that transform the average mind riddled with school work into a bustling machine, chugging through the game, mastering its mechanics, voraciously serving the content of nonsense and ultimately a capitalist scheme.  (Yes, I dote on time-consuming online games.)

But development seems like an entirely new, radical and productive experience.   To serve than to be served: the prospects of service makes me exuberant!  I've been hanging out more often in AskUbuntu and Ubuntu Forums to clear my doubts.  It also feels more productive to ask the Ubuntu community good questions than meet with a specialist in person. Mobile development for iOS and Android also caught my eye; one step at a time is good for now.

In short, I'm starting to seep into the online community.

What next?

It's a great step forward but now, I want to keep moving ahead. I only finished the Get Started document... and encountered an unfortunate error.  If someone can explain the AttributeError on the Terminal and how to fix it, I will be grateful.  Perhaps I have to learn the practice of debugging.

I still have no idea for an app.  I have yet to draw inspiration from my peers or those subreddit posts.

Application development is a stunning field. Since I have to take off those training wheels as I make my own, I'm looking forward to the support that AskUbuntu and Ubuntuforums can provide in the days to come.

Wish me luck!  I like where this is going. :-)


If you have any thoughts about a good app for a novice developer like myself, please suggest on the comments!  I'm all ears as long as it doesn't sound incredibly difficult.

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