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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making Jotty: 2/3 Writing the Code.

I almost shied away when I saw the section on coding to enable functionality in the widgets of my application.  Widgets are those submenu items, like "open" or "save." I was almost caught with anxiety, like a recruit soldier reluctantly entering the fog of gruesome war. 

Regardless, I stood firm and I entered.

Although I was hit by a lot of new concepts, I stood firm and absorbed this knowledge with an open heart.  I'm thankful that the Quickly tutorial provided a steady walkthrough, describing the pertinence of the code I wrote into the application. 

Coding is like breathing life to a stone.  Design is fruitless without compelling and innovative functionality.  I know that in order to accomplish this, one doesn't have to be a code monkey!

I cleared away my vague notions of programming terms as I followed along., which I edited and wrote code, was a class!  And the definitions following the class are considered methods, which have only one indentation.  Indentation matters in programming, so it seems. 

Before even bringing up methods or calling definitions, we have to import tools and libraries.  For this tutorial, I imported GLib, a hefty library. 

With much writing, hooking objects to the living code, I managed to create Jotty! Huzzah!

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