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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making Jotty: 1/3 Designing it.

Good thing I had the Quickly 12.04 user guide handy.  I began pouring the Getting Started section of the document. 

How it occupied me all day!  I spent the morning reading more carefully about Linux features, researched about virtual memory - initially a confusing topic - and thought between reporting bugs today or give the quickly tutorial a shot.  App development sounded more savory. 

After a good session on the drums, pounding away out of stress, adroitly playing like U2's seasoned drummer, I returned to the confines of my room to begin something.  I cracked my knuckles and focused on the quickly tutorial for the rest of the afternoon.

I created my quickly application, and simply wrote the command "quickly design" on the command line to evoke Glade, the GIMP for app design.

Using Glade to create app design for the window.

Designing Jotty was interesting today.  For the prospective developer like myself, it really facilitated the creation of the user interface.  The textview and the entry box of Jotty could accept text even within the application. Although Jotty came preloaded with the menu subitems - specifically called widgets - and the menu items file, edit, and help out of the box, but they didn't have any functionality!  That's where coding comes in, to tie the graphics with the functions, to activate them upon a click.  

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