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Thursday, June 7, 2012

To start a Linux User "Club" in my High School.

After visiting the UCLA Linux User Group (LUG) a couple of days ago, I have decided on something considerably interesting to do: starting a "club" in school, or more specifically, a LUG based in a high school.

(left to right) Student sponsor list, application for the student club, constitution guidelines.

There it is: a list of students interested in being part of the group.  Following that, I noticed that to start a club, one must have a Constitution.  Open source doctrine and the Linux community's support is all I'll need.

I'm aware that the club won't start until the start of the next school semester. Also, I still need a teacher sponsor. Nevertheless, I will hold unofficial sessions during the summertime.  Better to be productive and enjoy the sunny days than not.

I begun my research on the nature of LUGs, as I need to know the purpose of such groups from the inside out.

The paperwork isn't hard, but it'll take some time to finish.  I hope to get the papers ready for submission by the end of next week.

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