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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Farewell school year, hello Linux!

        I checked my watch constantly, but my expectations collided to a wall. Though I had invited 6 people over for this community meeting with Ubuntu, only one – Hamin, my proposed LUG's future secretary-treasurer - arrived, enthused though wary of the deluge of support and ideas that awaited us. The finals week exhausted many disinterested minds, unable to pick themselves out of their comfort chair and just attend an experience. Tides of rage swarmed in my mind, though it subsided as Hamin and I rode on a tranquil ride to Pasadena. I too felt very worn with anger and quivering false hopes, like a scanty breeze in the darkness, where light never pierces.
        But I still came, true to my word. I haven't attended the meetings since the last 2 months, but my arrival, I crossed my fingers, would trigger some interest. And it did (believe my eyes). I gathered around an effusive crowd of Ubuntu enthusiasts. The last time I came, our Ubuntu Hour consisted of 4 people, 2 developers, an engineer, and myself. Barbara and Hamin were by my side, listening attentively to the delivery from the enthusiasts, full of suggestions, from teaming up with the school's tech head to contacting the district about using Linux in a familiar computer setting within the campus. No matter how grand an endeavor, the message that all tasks must be approached in bite-size chunks was as clear as a polished diamond.
        Following our Ubuntu hour, we headed to the glistening fields of Caltech, my dream school, to the Down's Hall for this month's San Gabriel Valley Linux User Group meeting. Hearing about Ruby on Rails and its capacity to develop a social network from scratch, I sat, gripping to my seat, dazed of the wealth of information that felt almost overwhelming! The streams of code and syntax was all I had to see, that developers are exposed to raw code and make merry with typing – lots of typing. Barbara and I absorbed the gist, but Hamin was slightly unsettled.
        A couple of hours flew, and we noticed everyone around us were packing their bags and ready to head out. As we stood up for some fresh air, we were hooked by an announcement on learning Drupal. I immediately lunged for the application. I knew that Drupal was a compelling content management system that can adorn our website to its finest. Our friendly chat with Drupal experts, Miguel and Cristo, taught me newfound knowledge, that one derives true learning from hands-on and unremitting spirit of inquiry. Simply, just doing it, not extracting every bit of the entire expanse of the theory behind it.
Talking with Miguel, I spared a small aside of our ambitions. Fascination, so tangible and savory, kindled in Miguel that he expressed interest in adding publicity to our efforts. Connections are truly necessities one who dreams can't live without.
        To have experienced the community with my contemporaries Barbara and Hamin was more than an honor. With newfound vigor, I want to permeate the beautiful concept of open source to the ignorant. What a formidable task to sway human opinions and fend dissension! But despite its gigantic proportions and sheer might, neither will I quail in fear nor circumvent it. Instead I will face it with judicious sensibility, tapped from a community of ardent supporters.

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