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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Creating 'Hello World' app for iOS.

Hello World!  A primer for beginners, like myself.

All it does is take what you wrote on a text label and output your name with a hello!  

I just returned from a brief hiatus from society in the desert setting.  Invigorated by the isolation, I feel triumphant in this land, ready to explore my boundaries and continue studying important concepts for development.  Mobile development especially, because it's lucrative for the successful ones. 

Today I spent my time following the apple developer 'getting started documentation.'  I only followed a tutorial, though I hope to repeat it from scratch without looking later. 

Although many advise that one becomes educated of these concepts before taking the step into the real developer scenario, I decide that just doing it teaches more, as long as I grind down on the tutorials. 

Later, I'll take my time on the Android developer documentation and its own "Hello World!" tutorial. 

Oh, and I have to spare time for Ubuntu app development.

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