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Friday, May 11, 2012

UDS -Q: A Mini-Reflection

UDS was something beyond my expectations.  I was there in person, mesmerized by so many out there who give their hearts to better Ubuntu from its infrastructure to the community.  People here were focused to the cause of Ubuntu, its open-sourceness, the spirit of teamwork and all its wonderful adjuncts.

Sessions after sessions, I came to understand that everyone was in this together.  It was very democratic: anyone can holler an idea, and in a blink, it's adopted or provides new insight to another potential direction.  Unlike those other tech giants, whose one board carries the weight of all the decisions, Ubuntu has a strong, people foundation.  Men and women of all experience levels, I'm sure, were welcome here.  For instance, despite being relatively new to the open-source scene, I still felt at home around the fellow Linux lovers.  

I also got to meet many interesting people: Canonical employees, high school coders, community leaders to name a few.  I felt very honored to be in their presence... 

Nonetheless, the UDS is ending very soon.  Now that the Q cycle is coming up, everyone is giving their all to make their festivities shine! They deserve it.  When I return home tomorrow, I'll see more purpose in being of use to the team.  

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