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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A shocking discovery at JHMS: 2 lads for Ubuntu

Alex Gonzalez
Christian Calso
I didn't expect to find 2 people in my AP European History class to be Ubuntu lovers.

Well, not necessarily lovers.  Christian just started using the OS, Alex for a few years.  There's just one piece missing, I thought from afar: perhaps, they might help make open source better with new initiatives.  It fascinated me to see that amidst the student world, where most are pressed for time or struggle to have impeccable grades, there are like-minded people, who cherish the products from a community, survives in school fairly enough, and wants to become instrumental human beings to better mankind.  Behind those minds is true potential, ready to emerge from its dormancy and reach out for the stars.

Such timing couldn't have been better.  Christian told me that it was its $0 dollar price tag that enticed him to use the OS.  In Alex's case, it was his uncle, who happens to be an Ubuntu fanatic, that got him started.   As of now, they have been integrating Ubuntu with their student lives, using the preinstalled apps, like LibreOffice, a free office suite, Firefox, Rhythmbox - a music player - and many more.  

They also look forward to the versatility of open source software, which requires not a single penny to use because a community develops it. Christian is already aware that free software ranges from media players to video editors and beyond.  He hinted of becoming a software/graphics designer. Alex has been an end-user for 3 years, and now he's dying to become a developer.  I smell chivalry within those glaring eyes, that they may be of use to something.  Well, I hope that I found it for them. 

We're quite an unlikely trio. We may vary in academic performance, but we all share the same spirit.  That's what counts most. Life isn't a grade system as school put it; rather, it's more like a series of experiences knitted together to create a cohesive sphere of progress and definitive initiative to make the world a better place.

Thus, we step into the Ubuntu community together with equal footing.  I'm actually glad that I'm not the only one in this. Thanks Christian and Alex for your willingness to become real team players in the real world.  

If you're interested in contributing like these well-minded men or have anything to say, please post your comments or questions down below.  

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