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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A New Direction: software freedom.

Just yesterday, around 8 pm, I started the group ubuntu for students on FB.  With the help of Zhitong Qui, our group expanded to almost 200 members in a matter of hours. And I'm confronted by a scary opposition, led by Terrance Diaz who seems very attached to the status quo.  For me, I was rather shocked, that many people will not buy into the idea without solid proof.  But perhaps I have been hasty about posing Ubuntu as candidate to replace the school's OS.  There is one way to change that...

We have to discuss the philosophical aspect of Ubuntu.  Ubuntu is an OS that follows a fundamental idea, what we call software freedom.

So I, for one, will set down my scabbard, sword and shield, for Ubuntu, and direct both the skeptics and the wary towards a brigher light. This week's series will be about software freedom. Without understanding this, I am sure that we will ceaselessly try to argue against each other to no bounds, to no conclusions, and ultimately to no progress.
Please stay tuned.  Thanks.

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