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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hamin & his view of the Project.

Just after school today, I had a chance to talk with Hamin Ko, a guy I met during PE a few months ago.  We were in friendly terms before, but I always thought he was cynical.  Believe me, he really was, about the ephemeral commitments of students out there, vying for the frills of life that mean so little to the grand scheme of things. Yes, despite his rants, I kept persistence by my side, hoping that I would come up with something big.

And so it happens.  The idea is spreading in my school like a blaze bursting into wildfire.  With great support, even a transition for a school is possible.  Hamin begins to see that light.  He even says that he wishes the idea to succeed, as he hasn't seen anyone determined enough to keep it alive.  Perhaps, he wants to reach that level.  

But he admits that he had been searching for an interest for too long.  When he goes home, he descends to perpetual boredom followed by a full day wasted. He endeavored to play instruments, like the piano, which he couldn't get a hold of.  Just today, he considered of being part of the school's leadership team, turning it down almost immediately, seeing it isn't right for him.  He once mentioned to me about starting a computer club in school, but I already predicted the tedious measures - sponsorship, motivation for active participants - that would arise with it. 

I sympathize with him.  I have once been in his shoes.  A conviction, however, channels all the energy to one direction, driven by one source. To transition the school to the new technology realm is exciting for me, and I wish to make it work in the long run.  It truly helps to see that he wants to lend a hand.  After all, he's already sowed his place.   

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