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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ubuntu for students must push forward!

Being a student is so stressful indeed, but I haven't lost a shimmer of faith.

It doesn't matter if I'm pressed with 2 projects to present for European History class, or make up that AP European History exam on Thursday.  SAT this Saturday does little to menace me from my seats, to which I cling firmly.  There's nothing left to win or lose.

Only 10 days of learning left.  It'll be the most stressful time for many students in schools across the states, but for me, I have a purpose to fulfill - and it doesn't bite .  Will 10 days of learning be enough to raise awareness of open source?  I hope to brace against the howling winds with my greatest energy.  We need to leave change behind before the dawn of summer break.

UPDATE, as of 05/31/12
No it must not push forward or I'll endanger the foundations of the school, so thinks the administration.  I still have hope... through educating the masses about open source.  

Please see this.

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